Cats bred to look like wolves




Indeed majestic, handsome, and terrifying as the real thing…


Just as nature intended :wink:


“Our hope is to work with other breeders with the same ethics and love for the Lykoi.”

I’m not sure that breeding a cat to look like a wolf just because you think it would be cool is “ethical.”


They’re aiming for wolf, but coming up aye-aye.


The website states that the breeder is a veterinarian. Shame on him. He should be aware that animal shelters are overflowing with cats in need of homes. I wish breeders and puppy mill people would do the world a favor and get themselves spayed or neutered.


God, I hate everything about these people. I can see justification for breeding for useful characteristics in working animals (especially as the health of the animal tends to be of high concern). Turning living beings into an art project, deliberately inbreeding them and risking all kinds of nasty debilitating conditions, just so you can convince some rich fuck to pay thousands of dollars for a custom job while leaving perfectly wonderful mutts to die at the pound? Fuck you.


(And yet people get all in a tizzy when you start breeding humans.)
These ‘breeders’ are morally sick and need to stop.


I suppose that if you’ve never actually ever seen a wolf, they look like wolves.

Kinda like Nesquik Strawberry tastes like strawberries…if you’ve never eaten real strawberries. And especially if you’ve never tasted wild strawberries.

/Those cats are more like wolf food, eh?


Is that one suffering from hip dysplasia already?


Agreed. I’m not sure it’s not either, I just probably wouldn’t go there if I was them.


I’m SURE it’s not ethical.


I probably should have scrolled down a bit before posting that comment.


I’ve got a whacky idea…maybe some cat breeders could breed for, wait for it, healthy cats with sociable dispositions???

I know, I know, a radical idea, but I’d love to see it done. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait to find out – how well does this new breed Bonsai?


Largely exists already. Mixture of everything that crawled over the fence. Good genetic diversity.

Often rescue cats are sociable (often broken…) because they’ve had a nice home, then they’ve had the shelter, then they have a nice home again.


If only there was another diverse species of animal that was reminiscent of wolves, something like maybe… dogs?


The perfect cat for those that love that mangy alley cat look without all the scratching…


Perhaps a fetching female aye-aye hooked up with a cat named Bill…


As pointed out in Cat Sense, we spay and neuter all of those nice creatures before we even know their disposition. Many, adopted cats these days come from at least one feral parent, so we may no longer be selecting for disposition, and may be selecting for feral tendencies more than sociability.