'Game of Thrones' fans abandoning huskies at an alarming rate


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I have no words for this F’d up shit.


In other news, the world population of horrible people shows no signs of slowing down.


I was taught that a pet is not a toy, a pet is a responsibility. But I guess my parents were hopelessly old fashioned.


I don’t understand why this is the show’s fault.


It’s not. It’s the people who didn’t study up on taking care of a large dog’s fault. The show just inspired them to adopt a pet they didn’t do the research to understand they weren’t prepared for. To be fair, this doesn’t just happen to doggos named after Direwolves. People do these things all the time - their kid falls in love with a pet at the pet store and they end up bringing it home unprepared.


IIRC, the same thing happened with Chihuahuas in the 90’s, due to the Taco Bell commercials and movies (can’t remember the titles) starring the the same breed.


Remember when Lost was at the height of its popularity and everyone just had to have a pet polar bear?


I’m not surprised. Poor puppers! We don’t have a dog, not because we don’t love doggos, but because they need time and attention that we just can’t give them due to our schedules. If you want a relatively low maintenance pet, get a cat (and name it Nymeria!).


Absolutely true. We had chihuahua that was rescued from a hoarding situation. Poor little guy had hardly any human interaction and a mouthful of rotted teeth when we took him in. We got him healthy and he was spoiled rotten in his final years. When he died last year at age 14 I had to take a day off work because I couldn’t stop crying. He never got the hang of potty training, in fact I was convinced he would piss on the leg of the dining room chair just for fun. And his vet bills sometimes took a bite out of the wallet. We didn’t care though; we loved him like crazy. We have another rescue now that we love very much as well and I hate the thought of eventually saying goodbye to her. I wish our furry friends lived forever.


I skipped the bears and went straight for the smoke monster.


I love the conceit in one of the original Planet of the Apes movies back in the 70s where a space plague had killed off all cats and dogs so people did what they had to and adopted Gorillas as pets as you would expect them to.

Also Huskies are awesome but I know I couldn’t deal with those crazy/silly dogs.


I had to get rid of my smoke monster as it developed a neurotic phobia of fans and air-conditioning.


Yeah, dogs are great but I don’t have the energy or time for that level of engagement. Cats are more my speed.


How many dragons are turning up at the shelters?


I used to laugh in public situations where there were lots of children at the mothers of all the little girls named Bella.
Does that make me a horrible person?


BB sure seems intent on blaming the show.


I think Rin Tin Tin was the first movie dog to create a craze like this. Then came Lassie. Unfortunately it happens all the time, only the races shift depending on popular books/movies.

An extra problem is that when interest explodes for a race you get a lot of irresponsible breeding so the dogs may be sick or mentally unstable.


I guess. You could also read that as sarcasm, though.


We wanted a dog, but with the upkeep and energy of a cat, so we adopted a former Greyhound racer.