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The Third Cat
The Thin Cat
The Maltese Kitty
The Kitty from Shanghai
They Meow by Night
Double Felinity
Night has a Thousand Whiskers

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I watched Dark City last night. This cat would fit right into the film noir darkness and dread.

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Trick if you’re watching Dark City at home: Fast-forward past the stopwatch. That will skip over the “we need to dumb this down for the non-SF audience” intro and give you what amounts to a mini-director’s-cut. (My brother did me the favor of using this trick when he first showed me the film, so I was able to watch it without the spoilers.)

This is way off topic, but I wish the battle of the minds, near the end, had been shorter and shot a bit better. It was dragging on and on, I started to get really bored, and the special effects weren’t worth the length of lingering. It killed all the creepy goodness that went before it. What do you think?

(Offtopic) I’d have to watch it again before I’d have a valid opinion, I’m afraid. Sorry…

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