Gotham City SF: a noir hyperreal time-lapse


SF? Am I missing the point? I haven’t checked in years, but I take it on faith that New York City still exists.

And “Gotham” status would go to Chicago next, should NYC vanish.

That was well done! I kept expecting the Bat signal to flash up from the city onto the clouds.

Then explain THIS.

The SHOTS are great camera work. The EDITS? Awful. There should be a continuity for the eyeball from one cut to another, either in rhythm or flow direction or geometry.

This feels like something is being continually jerked away from your view, just as it catches your eye. Repeatedly.

Sped-up boats are comical, and ruin the effect.

That was an awful lot of Transamerica Pyramid.

Someday someone will make a San Francisco movie without Transamerica, Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, or cable cars. Someday.

I like how the St. Mary’s Cathedral, at 1m51s, is so obviously the villain’s lair!

Beyond that, I’d suggest a minor edit, about 2m25s in:

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