This New York City hyperlapse may be the mother of all hyperlapses


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Lovely! ALMOST made me miss living there.


A bit too frenetic for me. Kinda turned me off on the idea of visiting.


I guess this makes koyaanisqatsi the grandpa?


Did the woman in the rowboat fart? Listen close at 1:51.

Also, some frantic rat action would have been nice.


That was very impressive. Thank you @AndreaJames for sharing.


It really felt like this, before I moved out for good.


Sort of… saw it on the big screen when it came out, brilliant.


It really is a mere “taste” of NYC; ~95% of it is Manhattan south of 59th street which is ~5% of the city area-wise.


Quite the professional hyperlapse. A Prolapse?



not too shabby – loses points for the burger (this isn’t cali!). should have been a slice (from joes at west 4th and carmine).


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