Cave puzzles look like fun - here's how to solve them


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a little like minesweeper, too


If you like this, also check out Fillomino


For those like me who reflexively eschew video:


I hadn’t heard of cave (or bag, or corral) puzzles before. Does anyone know of an online puzzle site for them? I’ve played many a sudoku or paint-by-numbers online, but a quick Google search for online cave puzzles doesn’t turn up anything.


Yay, thank you!


I was thinking the same thing. Looks like fun!

What are the “A B C D” markings there for, though?


Yes, this please.


Those mark the segments for which you give the segment lengths as answer / solution, if I read the explanation at under ‘Answer string’ correctly.


Enjoy :sunglasses:



Strangely enough, even though Nikoli is credited with creating the puzzles, I didn’t see any Cave/Bag/Corral puzzles on that site.


“Members of can enjoy new puzzles everyday at your own exclusive page. For the details, please check the “About” page.
We are sometimes publishing free puzzle problems at the members area.
Nurikabe books
If you would like to enjoy Nurikabe puzzles on paper, You can buy Nurikabe books at the Purchase Nikoli Books page at the Nikoli official site.”

Membership has it privileges.


So you are saying that members can see more than the 16 puzzle types listed on that site?

Nurikabe is a different puzzle type than Cave/Bag/Corral puzzles. In Nurikabe, each clue tells you the size of the “islands”, while in Cave, each clue tells the number of cells the clue can “see”.


Yes, thanks. I like video, but can’t get sound at work, and the guy flipping his pencil didn’t tell me anything.


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