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I don’t know how old you are, but your post reminded me of watching this as a child.


Sadly, if you’re looking for more of the same from Dresden Codak, the author apparently gave up on such clever one-offs long ago, having given himself over to narratives so incomprehensible that it seems “self-indulgent” would be an accurate descriptor. It does have a certain aesthetic appeal, though.


It does have a certain aesthetic appeal, though.

If you’re a transhumanist with an amputee fetish, maybe. I used to like some of Dresden Codak’s ideas, but it’s gotten way too weird and masturbatory for me.

In my school playground, we used to sing the theme song: “It’s about time, it’s about space, it’s about time I slap your face.” - followed by a slap to the face of the rube who hadn’t already heard of the rapidly-spreading meme…

/ Well, maybe they weren’t exactly the words to the song.

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It’s About Time, It’s About Space, About Strange People In The Strangest Place.
It’s About Time, It’s About Flight, Travelin’ Faster Than The Speed Of Light.
About Space People And A Brave Crew, As Through The Barrier Of Time They Flew…

Heck, just watch the opening credits for both…when they they go back in time, and when they bring the prehistoric family with them to modern day.

There are even clips of the show.

It’s a good joke, and a jab at common sci-fi tropes. But darned if I don’t love me some naively assuming, reality flipping fiction.

That LHC will tear a hole through our false vacuum yet!

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I’m neither. I find Dresden Codak to be magnificently designed and rendered.

I also find it pretty funny.

I’m certain short bits will return once the current story is complete. If you read through the archives, it’s filled with bits like that, interspersed between longer tales.

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I have a new response for when folks ask “what are you doing in there?”
#Me Am Play Gods!


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