CBS All Access Places Series Order for "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds," Based on the U.S.S. Enterprise Crew from "Discovery"

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So three original-universe Trek shows being produced in parallel? I’m OK with that, as long as they can come up with good stories. The three casts are all really good.


I vote BEEP


I didn’t even like Discovery all that much and I’m excited about this. Pike was great!


Are the scriptwriters/directors/producers of Discovery going to be involved in this project in any way?

If so, pass.


I’m down with it. I liked those characters. They just need better writers or direction or something. How many times did Burnham talk about her feelings instead of acting WHILE HER FRIENDS WERE DYING AROUND HER in season 2? I pity that actress, because occasionally you see her shine through her generally bizarrely awful dialog. That and the reversion of Tilly to a babbling moron was just hard to watch. What the fuck happened to Captain Killy? Can’t she keep just a little bit of her competence and character growth? I don’t need a fucking Jar Jar or Nelix. I like so much about what they did with Disocvery, but the execution can suck at times.

I’m hoping they find their feet with these new series, or even just working more on Discovery. There is a lot to like in the CBS Trek, it just has some ugly flaws in the execution.


I didn’t entirely buy that Anson Mount was playing the same character we saw in “The Cage.”

The 1964 version of Capt. Pike was cranky and depressed. He yelled at people on the bridge, even at the end of the episode. I can see why they didn’t want Mount to do that on Discovery because it would have been repeating Jason Isaacs’ performance as Capt. Lorca, but instead they’ve made this new Pike too much like his successor … you know, whatshisname, the fun one :wink:


Pike wasn’t the only one. I was glad to see Spock get called out for the same thing. :laughing:

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I was also kinda hoping Michael Burnham would turn out to be “Number One.”

FANS: but, but, but …

CBS:   Deal with it.


Hadn’t they just been through some stuff (I think involving the giant space vikings the Talosians conjured up later), and cowboy doctor was giving Pike some cowboy doctor drinks to get him better?

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Anson Mount … :flushed: :eggplant:

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Hector Salamanca’s character was a TOTAL RIPOFF of Captain Pike.

They even stole the bit from the deleted scene in TOS where Pike intentionally shits himself in a show of contempt for the Starfleet Court-Marshal proceedings.


Anson Mount’s full name is Anson Adams Mount IV.

His older brother’s name is Anson Adams Mount III.

I wonder if they refer to each other by their numbers?


Isn’t that how the UPN network went belly up?

They are in the Borg-influenced (Thanks Q!) time-stream.

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The most annoying thing about Discovery is how the universe literally revolves around Michael Burnham.


By “original universe” I included the TNG universe; Picard obviously lives there. I haven’t finished Discovery yet (last 2 episodes to go), but I don’t recall seeing any Borg.

I assume it was just bad management by Viacom. I think that anyone looking for shows to blame for their financial problems might do better to start with Desmond Pfeiffer or Platypus Man, not the Trek shows.


these iconic characters

It’s funny how a single pilot and a two-part bottle episode clip show is sufficient basis for “iconic character” status in this case, but I can’t really argue with it. After season 2 of Discovery, this show felt kind of inevitable, and not in the bad way. Anson Mount has just knocked it out of the park every time they let him on camera, and the “Gilbert and Sullivan” Short Trek with Romijn and Peck totally cemented those characters for me.


They did that with Picard and Sisko too


Pretty sure Star Trek: TNG revolved almost entirely around Data. To the point where it still did in Picard, despite the name.