CBS chief Leslie Moonves leaves suddenly after new sexual assault allegations


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Love that you found a pic with a Weinstein Company backdrop. Moonves, of course, is the guy who cheerfully admitted that he was happy to have Trump running for president because of the great ratings he gave in return for billions in free coverage (other network execs probably felt the same way but were more circumspect)


Wait, he didn’t get his $100M payout after all?

Goddamnit, now I have to start looking for an EVEN TINIER violin. The one I’ve been using just isn’t tiny enough.


It’s Rob. Be thankful he didn’t give Moonves one of his infamous 'shoops. :wink:


I can’t be fooled that easily.
That’s Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter playing Les Moonves.


Ronan Farrow dispenses justice better than anyone in the MCU.


Also, tax-wise, the fact he stood to personally make a minimum of $2-5m in windfall tax cuts (not to mention the hundreds of millions in corporate breaks to CBS) didn’t hurt either


Oh Moonvest…


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