Les Moonves' wife Julie Chen borrows the Camille Cosby playbook

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“inspiring corporate leader”

Red flag!


I wonder what their relationship is like…

Does he hold her up in some kind of special regard? Or did things start off aggressive and nasty with her too, and she was just smart and tough enough to manage him.

Cosby’s wife seemed much more passive, like she wanted to ostrich her head into the ground.


I would guess at least a professional working one given the obvious perks of being a producer, talk show host, newscaster and game show host on the same network her husband runs.


Pardon the way-over-the-top comparison, but didn’t Dahmer’s parents think he was harmless, too?

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I mean, say what you will about Jeffrey Dahmer, but at least he didn’t greenlight Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.


No. Dahmer was undeniably monstrous.

Dahmer’s parents came on TV and shared things you might want to watch for. ( Jeffrey apparently started collecting road kill at age 12 )

Also, I don’t think Chen has made any such claims about her husband being “harmless”.

My guess is she’s a shark too, and will likely leave him now that this scandal has made him more of a liability than an asset.


Not All Harassment Is Sexual:

Thomason said that for seven years, Moonves kept her work off the air—despite her contract with CBS, which included penalties for every pilot he rejected. “People asked me for years, ‘Where have you been? What happened to you?’” Thomason wrote Wednesday. “Les Moonves happened to me.” Now, with Moonves gone and her series likely returning to air, it appears Thomason is poised to have the last laugh.


I don’t get it. She’s married to Moonves whether she mentions it or not; people is the business know it whether she mentions it or not. She calls herself by her legal name and now this guy is going to boycott her show? And he wasn’t already boycotting before Moonves stepped down but had been plausible accused of misconduct. Just a publicity stunt by a publicity agent.

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I know a few women married to men who act like jerks to everyone except their wives. I guess these women feel special, until the behavior gets turned on them or their kids.


No, her suddenly using her married name, on air, for the first time, immediately after he’s forced out, is not some casual thing. She is making a deliberate statement, and should face the consequences of said statement.


“Strand by your man,” I guess; even if he’s a serial sexual predator who’s betrayed your trust and embarrassed you on a global stage…


At least that wasn’t.

“Say what you will about Jeffrey Dahmer, but at least he had good taste”

I wouldn’t quite get that if he had had consensual affairs/activities with the various women involved. But that we’re talking about assaults and harassment that are part of a pattern showing a deeply misogynistic hatred of women… I don’t get how she was married to him in the first place.

That’s the kind of coverage that all these harassment stories need to get - it really demonstrates how, contrary to the narratives often being bandied about (because the harassers get to overly influence the narratives), it’s not about these men being “romantic” or even “inappropriate” but deeply hateful and damaging to other people’s lives.


She is host of Big Brother and co-host of The Talk. Its good to have the CEO of the network as a spouse!


As Scalzi pithy put it recently, men who see female coworkers as perks, not people.


The thing about Moonves (and people like him) is, it wasn’t (just) that he saw women in the workplace as objects to sexually exploit, but took pleasure in generally bullying them, destroying their careers and doing harm to them, because they were women (and perhaps especially women with some measure of power).


So beautiful. No coercion from Mr. Moonves, I’m sure.

This has probably been the most shocking moment of this season of Big Brother if I’m being honest here.

Then you probably never will, unfortunately.

Welcome to BB!