CCPA: California to enforce new digital privacy law starting today, despite calls for further pandemic delay

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New data privacy law took effect in January, with a six-month grace period


They’ve had plenty of time. Most companies have to be EU compliant and they dragged on that one too, but it really needed to be wrapped up before mid 2019. If you want to stay in business, you have to do it. If you’re out of compliance, you are potentially exposing your sources of revenue. A lot of the agreements are now burned in with links to blanket agreements as opposed to a specific contract/agreement for each and every partnership.

Now if we could just make it law that your email must be verified before it can be used, or that the site must provide a “this is not me” link to have it removed…

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Psh, of all industries to complain about pandemic issues, the web tech industry is probably the least impacted. A bunch of programmers have to work from a computer at home instead of a computer at work, such difficulty.

(And I say this as a (non-web) programmer in the Bay, myself)

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It gives consumers in the state — and many outside California — broad ability to be able to request that companies tell them what personal data they hold on each person and to ask companies to stop selling their personal data to third-party advertisers or others.

So how do I file?

It’s not about programmers lagging. It’s the c-suite/biz dev folks seeing a chunk of their shady business model / revenue stream ready to vanish.

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