CDC recommends pause in Johnson & Johnson vaccine use after six blood clot reports

Dangit, this is exactly the kind of thing the antivaxx side needs. Evidence that the COVID vaccines cause harm. It doesn’t matter that the risk factor is still far, far below many other things humans do on a daily basis. They don’t care about those other things, like driving or owning guns. They like those things.

I think the pause will make the case harder for the antivaxxers, not easier. It takes a concern seriously, and double-checks to see if there is any causality. And hey, maybe there is some common risk factor that the victims share, and narrowing it down protects others in the risk group whilst freeing those outside of the risk group to take the vaccine. It may be something like “the vaccine is safe, but left-handed people with an allergy to yeti hair have a higher risk of this complication.” (Yes, I am trying to avoid actual suspicions with my silliness)

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