The first COVID vaccine you can get is the best

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I got my first Moderna a couple weeks ago. My GF got her second Pfizer today!


I had an appointment for the J&J shot this morning. Good timing,


I think this advice is true for men, but I think women on hormonal birth control (which increases the likeliness of blood clots) should think twice about getting the Johnson & Johnson one. U.S. pauses J&J COVID-19 vaccine over rare blood clots | Reuters


Exept that the reports of blood clots caused by AstraZenica appear to have been validated - here in Australia (where it was planned for a single-provider vaccine rollout) this has resulted in a complete rethink of our rollout strategy, now only applying it for the most at-risk population from COVID-19, while we evaluate alternative vaccine vendors.

I suppose we have some luxury to change course here, since we’ve largely contained the virus, in other countries where the virus is rampant, perhaps the math is different, but at ~1/100000 at risk of serious complications, it’s still got to be a concern.


Moderna #2 in 20 days, me and the Dear Wife are ecstatic with joy.


Congrats! Mrs Peas has her second already (early childhood educator) and I was able to get my first dose on a waitlist. I get round 2 on the 23rd! We would have gotten literally anything they offered, but as Mrs Peas absolutely adores Dolly (as do I!), getting the Moderna was just such a sweet bonus.

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OH, Dolly backed the Moderna vaccine? Well now I feel a little more special.

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Unwittingly, yes. She’s a generous donor to Vanderbilt University and a recent $1mm donation was used directly for Moderna’s mRNA research.

ETA: To clarify, she knew she was donating the money to Covid-19 research, but didn’t know it was specifically allocated to vaccine development.


Indeed. This was the exact thing I decided last week - especially since I’m not in a risk category, the vaccine I get now is better than the vaccine I have to wait 2 weeks for. All vaccines do a comparable job of protecting you from dying or living your life with diminished quality of life.

What matters is the number of days you have that kind of coverage. Got my J&J shot Thurs. of last week.


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Where did you read about the “hormonal birth control” catalyst? The articles I have read so far do not mention any know pattern yet.

Drove three hours each way to get J&J yesterday and would absolutely do so again today even after this morning’s news.


Specially if you are the 1

The risk of blood clots from hormonal birth control is a bit more than 1 in 2000. The risk of blood clots from the J&J vaccine assuming this new blood clot adverse event is causally linked to the vaccine is about 1 in one million. In other words, it’s basically a rounding error on the blood-clot-risk scale regardless of whether you’re already taking hormonal birth control.

And of course the risk of blood clots from getting covid-19 is itself quite significant–possibly as high as one in five. Even if it were just one in one hundred, and you were only 1% likely to get covid, and the J&J vaccine causes blood clots, the vaccine still lowers your overall risk of blood clots quite significantly.


The blood clots that are being linked to the J&J vaccine are serious ones. They are more serious than the ones women sometimes get from birth control. You really cannot compare the two kinds of clotting. That being said, the apparent risk is still low. My understanding is that the reason for the pause is to go back and determine if any other serious and related complications were originally missed.

From a policy point of view, this makes perfect sense. But, from a public relations perspective it is disastrous.

The blood clots linked to J&J are:

(Even the name is scary.)

And the blood clots from birth control are typically deep vein thrombosis (uncomfortable, but not deadly).

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I’m certainly no doctor and I’m just using google, but this and this suggest that the risks of death from the two kinds of clots are roughly comparable.


I’m still waiting for an appointment to pop up on Walmart and/or CVS websites but it just seems there’s just no open spot for it. This is ridiculous imo where I have to scramble to get a vaccine rather than just registering with someone notifying them I don’t have the vaccine so please call me for an appointment when you have it. Like they know their supply, I don’t, so shouldn’t they call me and not me play this perverse game of web/phone tag? If it was for some limited run of a lego set I can see this being okay but for life saving vaccines this shouldn’t be acceptable. /rant_over


That’s pretty close to how I did it.

  1. Pre registered with a state run mass vaccine site.
  2. Few weeks go by, they emailed me that I was able to make an appointment.
  3. Mad scramble to make one of the available appointments that I preferred. They had plenty at other times if I hadn’t scrambled.
  4. Few days later, go to the appointment and got the J&J.

That reminds me, I also registered with the county. I should find how to delete that registration now.

The pharmacy sites wouldn’t do preregister, just appointments and I wasn’t in the right group yet to even try.