CDC to shorten guidance for quarantine after COVID-19 exposure to 10 days, or 7 with a negative test

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Oh boy.


That’s not reassuring.


Under any other administration, hell even GW Bush, I would trust a pronouncement coming from the CDC automatically.


Stipulating that the CDC has become politicized for the first time ever during the current administration, someone please convince me that the current iteration of the Republican Party is not a death cult.


I know I read sometime in the summer that some countries went to shorter periods. I think it was the UK for sure.

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That this was from Trump’s CDC was enough from me, but that double seals it.


Meanwhile, I’ve read that scientists in South Korea found that people who were asymptomatic were contagious up to 17 days after initial infection.

My logical side knows: this is science… science is fucking hard and systems are complex and our understanding of things can change over time and there are so many variables in the system that can all contribute to a nightmarish level of variations and it’s biology - which is already a wet and gooey science anyway…

…but my emotional side is just screaming: Just tell me how many days until I can give my mother a hug.


Hang in there.

Hang in there all of us.


What, no cat picture?

I can only give you a displacer beast at the moment, but might be able to muster a proper kitty later.

Even 14 days aren’t always enough, but 10 days are enough most of the time.
And every day that is added to the quarantine period reduces compliance on average, and makes health officials more reluctant to order quarantine when they are in doubt.
That’s why many countries use 10 days rather than 14 days, and even shorter periords are often discussed even among people who aren’t Covid denialists at all.

Also, it’s pretty safe to assume that if you can’t detect any virus after it has had time to replicate for 5 days or so, you weren’t infected. So the rule about ‘early release’ makes sense, too.

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