CDC cut the COVID-19 isolation period in half. Here are the new guidelines

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Nice to see these guidelines presented in comprehensible, non-over-lawyered, simple declarative sentences. The way CDC wrote it was damn near Proustian in its complexity. A tabular presentation would also have been nice.


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If you don’t vote for Delta CEO, then you have no right to complain if you don’t like the way they run the country.


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You know how people always say “if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about politics”? The problem with our two corrupt parties is that we don’t get to vote for the people who actually run things. Dems or Republicans in the trifecta, Delta CEO gets whatever he wants.

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Except when voters actually put pressure on their elected officials

But sure, it’s easier to just give up.


I’m the one criticising them.

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We’re just doing Trump’s COVID policy now, just worse and with no more hope of any survival checks. Infection rate is at a record high right now for the entire pandemic. What did “voting like our lives depend on it” actually do?

I intend to vote in '22, but for Green candidates or blank when no minimally qualified candidate is running. I’m absolutely disgusted with Dr. Fauci just saying “we can’t have too many people out” like that’s “following the science” rather than letting business dictate the science.

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But if you think things are really as bad as when Trump decided to do nothing because he thought it would kill more Black voters, than I don’t know what to tell you.

Is Biden’s policy perfect? No, but it’s far better than Trumps.

Fauci has literally no control over policy. None, other than advising the president. He’s not in charge of the CDC, who are in charge of policy.

But you’ve told me all I need to know to understand where you’re coming from, so you have a good day now and keep masking up, K.


This seems overly complicated for most folks. This whole pandemic should serve as a lesson in poor messaging for eons to come.
But this take is especially confusing:

So, when T was in office and held control of both the house and senate, he had a policy but we weren’t “doing” it yet? That makes it feel a lot like it wasn’t really his policy, doesn’t it?


It’s amazing how much of the CDC’s COVID policy demonstrates the fallibility of relying on the science alone. Every time they issue guidance like this it becomes incredibly clear that these people are completely unable to understand any sort of literary work or social science study about the trustworthiness of people, or anything that leads them to have anything but a rosy-eyed nihilistic belief in their “fellow man.”

But if it’s connected to trump, us libs will be triggered, because we’re the “irrational” ones… /s :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, totally :roll_eyes:
I still clearly remember the process of getting the guidance from the last White House. We needed something so badly, and when I saw the draft I thought, “this looks surprisingly good!” But it was held up in review for at least 2 weeks, not due to any meaningful policy changes, but because there wasn’t a certain name on it enough.
Then, once it was released, he continued on his rally tour and completely contradicted it and whined about the policies. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Anyone who claims there’s no difference what leader we choose tells me they live with unrecognized privilege.

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There is plenty to criticize about the Democrats and Joe Biden, of course. But people who keep believing that “both sides are just as bad” need to wake up and understand what is actually happening in this country.


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