They Work. New CDC guidelines

New CDC quarantine guidelines say "get back to work, suckers!!

Actual advert

How it feels.


Odd. That seems like something the Tories would put out.

The CDC is usually better than that.



Damn. That’s pretty disheartening, especially coming from this administration. I would have expected this from the last guy.

It should go without saying that we should always be encouraging people to take sick time when needed (pandemic or not) and that paid sick leave should be universal.


I said long ago (it feels like decades) that “essential worker” translates to “essentially we don’t care if you die, as long as you are serving us. We can always get another one.” Has not changed. Sad, but not shocked, that the Biden administration has continued that mindset.


Trying to walk the razor edge of wanting to boost the economy while reducing instances of disease. What is clear is some of the current CDC decisions seem to be motivated not by the best interests in public health which is definitely perplexing.


By most metrics that the government tracks, the economy isn’t even bad right now! There’s no need to “walk the razor edge”, and it’s certainly not a role the CDC should be taking on.

Edit: there’s a lot of damning stuff in this article. I didn’t realize that the CDC isn’t even asking or suggesting that people to test negative before returning to work:


I’m not defending it. I agree - the economy is doing quite well right now but there’s this perception that things are bad thanks to this continuing media narrative around “omg inflation, gas prices, supply chain shortages, inflation, inflation, unemployment, Biden is fucking everything up!”


In Australia, as of midnight last night, the definition of “Close Contact” has changed.

To be considered a Close Contact, you must have been

  1. exposed to a Confirmed Case
  2. for more than four hours
  3. at home or in a home setting.

Which means that if you, say, work retail and are standing next to someone for nine hours in a closed room where strangers come in all day and cough on you, and your co-worker is a Confirmed Case, you don’t qualify as a Close Contact. Which means they now won’t let you get a PCR test unless you

  1. have a positive RAT
  2. have symptoms

Which means it’s much harder to get Covid isolation leave: if your partner gets it, then yeah, you’re in iso for 7 days. If your co-worker gets it, suck it up and get back to work, peon.


At the very least, the feds should be mandating paid sick leave for as long as someone is symptomatic and/or COVID positive. It’s criminally negligent to make people choose between a paycheck and their own & co-workers’ health.



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