CDC says there are "no updates to COVID guidelines to announce at this time"

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They’ve been trying to get a hold of a PhD all week but she’s been busy detecting BS all week.


It almost sounds like the CDC leaked what they were considering doing to see how it would go over, and when it didn’t go over well, they decided not to change the guidelines. I really hope that’s not true. It’s one thing for Marvel Studios to engage in that kind of nonsense with casting decisions, but the CDC should not be making decisions based on public reaction.


The feds leak trial balloons all the time to gauge public reactions, and disown them when the feedback is negative.

What’s surprising in this case is that there were enough people who cared enough to be negative about it, since most everyone I know thinks Covid is over anyway.

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Other governmental departments I would be ok with doing this. The State Department, the Justice Department, the FCC, the FTC, the SEC…all fine. Not the CDC. They should be leading with the science, not following public opinion.


The CDC led with science last time. GOP Politicians spent the next two years villainizing and undermining them. This brought the overall anti-vaccine movement surging back from the nearly-dead. Then other politicians continued threatened their budget. Now we have rising COVID, cold, flu rates and a measles resurgence. I’m not surprised at all by this cautious PR approach.

Awaiting the WaPo apology and correction in …, -1 …, -2 …, -3 …

From last month:

I’m honestly not sure there were, which is why I’m not sure of the “leak to gauge public reaction” theory. I think public reaction was pretty much non-existent or positive across most of the country.

In my extremely liberal, extremely pro-mask Cambridge MA, there was one store that I knew of that still required masks, and even they stopped a few months ago. Schools here have already adopted a policy of “come back when there is no fever.” Teachers are often expected to take off max one day if they have Covid, and just come back with a mask.

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COVID isolation precautions cost billionaires too much money, so to hell with the proles. We are nothing but the gut bacteria of corporations, and it matters not if we die.


I wonder if this is actually true? Coming into the office when sick from anything increases the chance of it to spread. Even if I’m physically at work while sick I’m not performing 100%.

With the way the companies handled return to office, I don’t know if any of this is based on science or actual profit. It seems more like, “It feels better to see butts in seats (while also not caring about your wellbeing).”

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