Cel-shaded jeans



So many layers of meta.

For the uninitiated, “cel-shading” is a non-photorealistic option often found in 3D rendering software like Maya, Modo, Blender, etc.

The idea is that instead of mimicking the physics and behavior of actual light, you can automatically render animation that appears to be hand-drawn in an old-school traditional manner.

Depending on the skill of the user, the results can look more or less successful. Here, we have a real-world object trying to look like a computer simulation of a traditional-media drawing of a real-world object. I think.


Yeah, those are from borderlands.


I don’t think these are going to hit acid washed levels of popularity until they can survive a few trips through the washing machine.

Permanent marker is pretty durable. I have a yoga mat that I marked up with a Sharpie that has survived many years of torture and washings. I think this would work. Also, I totally want this even though I am not into this whole world of drawing because it looks so great.

What if I am already a cartoon?

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The trick is to hit the ink with an iron - that helps to set it before the first time you wash it. I used to do plenty of hand-drawn t-shirts. You can also “highlight” with diluted bleach - but that will weaken the fabric.

To get an ink wash of lighter grey, just pop open a sharpie and mix it with water (using a eye dropper works best) in a bowl, testing the color on scrap material.

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They never believe me either.
EDIT: Carrying a portable hole helps.


I love it, but I think washing it would be a problem. If the colors run even a little bit I think it would ruin the effect.

When are they bringing back Galaxy Wash jeans? Huh? When?

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I want my whole house to look like that.

Cel shaded, not like it’s made of cartoon jeans.

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May I suggest a possible stay for your next vacation?


The Royal Suite. Just Look at it.


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