Machine burns fades into denim with lasers


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More evidence of late stage capitalism


I might actually buy a pair of pre-faded jeans given the option to order a custom laser-etched pattern.

I wonder if this type of dye etching is feasible with a Makerspace’s CNC laser cutter?


This remake of Goldfinger sucks.


Remote hacking of that machine to burn right through could potentially mean fewer stupid looking pants.

And… something, something, with great power, something, something.
Why not make them look interesting instead of stupid.


“No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to dye!”


Or just stupider looking pants.


The current way that jeans are distressed, sandblasting, has lead to terrible work conditions. Workers suffer from incurable long disease and other issues caused from their jobs. info here
I, for one, welcome the new wave of denim distressing robots.


That’s actually quite amazing.


How come pre-distressed jeans never feature a smart phone outline? Or, more importantly, since I grew up a small town in Texas, a Skoal can outline on the back pocket?


Heh. I remember kids in HS way back when used to have the Skoal tin outline in their Levi’s.
Personally, I like to buy raw jeans and break them in myself. The phone and wallet lines in the back pockets are well-earned… :slight_smile:


All the pockets should be distressed. Wallet, cell phone, keys, tobacco products, random crap I forgot about…

Are we not going to mention that this thread title starts with three consecutive verbs, one second person imperative followed by two in the third person singular present tense?


Designer jeans achievement unlocked!


Next up: Naked Jeans, with some celebrity’s bare legs, ass and junk etched into the jeans.

“This season, everyone is wearing Khloe Kardashian…”


If that is indeed possible, I’m all for it.


I want mine to show the wear patern of my bionics.


But how can you truly call your denim ‘distressed’ if some poor bastard isn’t dying a slow, agonizing, death by silicosis on their behalf?

You’ll be suggesting that diamonds coldly fabricated in a laboratory are just as romantic as ones that were worth (someone else) dying for next!


The Spectrum we have at TCMaker could do it. I’ve seen examples of lightly etched paper. You just use the cut software to turn down both the power and some other setting (I think it’s wattage, power actually being pulse width).


I hear that JNCO is trying to mount a comeback.


Okay, I think the idea of particular distressed artwork patterns is really cool, though I think it should be able to be customized to the buyer’s preferences. I really dislike generally-distressed jeans and wish it were easier to locate a well-fitting pair that were full color, if I couldn’t have the artwork I wanted (portrait jeans! Van Gogh Starry Night jeans!).

I also see potential for an advanced form of tatooing/scarification with a shorter window of pain endured. Maybe even rapid hair removal to appeal to the tanning bed lovers?