Machine burns fades into denim with lasers


Pretty sure everyone already has worn her


Ohh, laser burn…


Or, how about the pattern of my eventual demise?


Also: satire is dead, part 99,872.


Turin jeans for church goin’.


I saw this on Indigo Go…


Who had Satire in the 2017 dead pool? They’re gonna need a replacement.


Machine burns?


Ooh! Can I get one with a wallet with a condom ring etch. Also, a giant fake dong going down my leg etch?

I can just imagine the tasteless options for custom etching!


:goat: :ocean: hands!


I would pay good money for a portable version that let me write cuss words on the asses of people that walk three abreast on sidewalks.


Goat wave?


Laser hair removal has been around for years. The laser has to be the right wavelength though and it takes several sessions.




I never would have thought to pronounce it like that


That was intended more as humor. I think using this machine would not only remove hair, but also a couple of layers of epidermis. Maybe even leave behind a lovely odor of singed hair and flesh.


Is there some kind of award we can give Brainspore for that? That is the best pun I’ve seen in ages! I love puns. I enter pun contests all the time. I entered 10 in Harpers’ 2015 pun contest hoping at least one would win, but no pun in ten did.


I recognize some of those words! I went to Catholic school so I never learned to diaphragm sentences.


I didn’t watch the video but I assume custom patterns having nothing to do with distressing are next. Paisley, tartan, your favorite meme, etc


Chatters on the escalator I WILL HAVE MY VENGEANCE.