Celebrate 4/20 by watching the weed exploitation classic Reefer Madness

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Pass… (puff, puff)


a brief history of the film by Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney

Aww, but not Tom Servo Kevin Murphy.

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Worth it just to enjoy the fine ham from this fellow, Dave O’Brien:


He used to have minor bits in musicals in the studio era. He’s somewhere in 42nd Street and Footlight Parade. When I spot him, I always expect him to suddenly say, “Faster, Dance, Faster!”


Oh yeah, great book!


No, but the Rifftrax treatment is on sale today for $4.20. (note: this is the colorized version and also a live riffing)

Bonus, the riff includes the timeless short “At Your Fingertips: Grasses”


I heard an earlier Mike Nelson solo track (for this film) and wasn’t terribly impressed. It seemed that he hadn’t prepared anything and was just riffing off the top of his head. Hopefully this one is better.

IIRC he did that as part of a DVD commentary and possibly before Rifftrax was formally launched. Not sure how much crossover there is between that one and this (it’s been forever since I’ve viewed either), but many of their other live shows have been clean slate (Timechasers) or 75% new (Manos).

I should watch a Riff tonight…hmm…

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The 2001 Musical Adaptation is also a must-see. Quite possibly one of the best counter-culture musicals out there, period.


Eat the Brownie!

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Yep, it was off of a DVD. I think before Rifftrax, but I am likewise not sure.

Regular late night showings of this at the New Yorker cinema on Yonge Street in Toronto - the air inside was thick and blue and your could get high for free by just inhaling but it was, obviously, more fun to come packing yer own and enjoy the ride.

Happy 420, everybuddy.


reddit has a pretty good community for helping those dealing with cannabis addiction or in recovery or interested in trying to stop.

People smoking pot when they want without recrimination? Good. Not being able to stop smoking pot even when you want to? Bad.
This subreddit is for practical discussions about how to stop smoking if you’ve decided to and support in staying stopped from your fellow leaves.


happy 4/20

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