Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day by adding more female scientists to Wikipedia


Sounds great - I’ll dig up my women in science and math info and have a go (old anecdote: About 15 years ago, I had to write to the technology columnist at the San Jose Mercury newspaper to correct one of his answers. Someone had written in to ask whether it was true that the computer language ADA was named after Lord Byron’s daughter. The columnist was quite dismissive of this idea, and sure that “ADA” stood for “Advanced Defense Application” language or some such. Granted that this was before Wikipedia, but you’d think he would bother to get his facts straight rather than posting b.s. At least he was gracious enough to admit his mistake and post a correction…)

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I just happened to be reading this http://mobile.bbc.co.uk/news/health-24462699 - the lead researcher happens to be a woman and that sounds like it could prove to be a huge achievement…

Thanks for letting me know about this. Even as a male with a CS degree, I’ve argued forever that there should be more Ada Lovelaces and Grace Hoppers in the world.[0] I’d also like to see a few more Alan Turings, but that’s for another day. Seriously, I just want some damn variety around my chosen career.

Since I have Monday the 14th off, I’ll be celebrating Ada Lovelace instead of that guy who has a federal holiday for no good reason.

Am I the only one who first read “Linda Lovelace Day”?

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Thanks, Maggie, for bringing attention to our event and efforts. And @TripleE, I like your line of thinking re: the better holiday to celebrate :wink:

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Thanks @20tauri. I got the idea from that Oatmeal bit they posted the other day about Columbus.

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