Celebrate Software Freedom Day by hacking on STEED, a way to make email crypto easier


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I think a tldr would be really good here. The linked article itself spent a long time doing the warm-up before mentioning Steed, and that mention was a link to a webpost which itself was mostly PR-ish about the need for something like Steed without getting into what Steed is until a third link to a PDF which is a long and pretty dense-looking paper. I’d like to know things like, would this integrate with existing email clients or would it require new clients… what amount of explaining things to other parties would be required… etc. I wish I had time to read the PDF and post a summary that would give people an idea of what the user experience could be and how this would drive adoption.


yeah, like, a link to an actual piece of code/software to use. Right now, it sounds like a dream.

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Enigmail with Thunderbird is pretty easy to use. It wouldn’t be hard to build an ubuntu derivative which installs enigmail by default and integrates the creation of public/private key pairs with the creation of the user’s identity.

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