Celebrity strategies for dealing with mean tweets

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Perfect twitter-hater response for Jewel Staite: picture of sitting in a hot tub with cocktail, reading mean tweets.

Perfect twitter-hater response for everyone else: picture of sitting in a hot tub with cocktail, reading mean tweets with Jewel Staite.

I desperately need a hot tub and a bottle of champagne. Stat! I will exchange the right to mean tweet me 10,000 times in exchange for that.


Hot tubs and champagne aren’t really all that exclusive, or glamourous. Sitting in the hot tub drinking champagne with Jewel Staite, on the other hand, now THAT is exclusive.

Most of these seemed pretty weak, in all honesty.


With my chiseled, Adonis like, and furry body, I’d make it as glamorous as Burt Reynolds in his prime.


I’d probably be closer to Burt Reynolds NOW.


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I really loved all of these. Witty, funny takedowns that also kinda inspire those of us who don’t have the champagne, private jets, and multi-million dollar retirement accounts at age 19. I may not have the commercial wealth of these celebs, or the memory of two World Cup plays, but I do have an incredibly satisfying mound of personal achievements, amazing experiences and life stories that can give me a similar attitude toward any bullies that should head my way.


It’s not surprising to see Dawkins missing the point. He truly is 21st century’s answer to Ayn Rand.

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