Celine Dion's Titanic song surges on streaming platforms after the Titan disaster

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Me neither, this is the only Titanic movie I’ve seen and it’s very good. Used to watch it all the time as a young kid when it showed up on the Saturday or Sunday matinee movie on over air TV back in the '70s.

Barbara Stanwyck, Clif Webb, and a very young Robert Wagner.

Spoiler alert, it sinks.



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People are monsters. They’re not turning to Celine Dion for comfort. They’re doing it to make someone else’s loss, someone else’s tragedy, somehow about themselves.

Also, you’re not missing much with Titanic. It’s ok? I saw it once, in the theater. As with many of James Cameron’s efforts, the story is little more than excuse for the spectacle.

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Wait, how does listening to a song make something about you?

Honestly I can’t imagine why anyone should need comfort except for immediate family and friends. It’s not like these were people known and beloved beyond their circles. We only heard about them because they risked their lives in such an unusual and senseless way. And, honestly, a lot of people have good reason not to care about the ultra-rich so much, given they are literally ruining everyone else’s lives right now.

Still, I could imagine someone listening to the song as a way to sort of pour one out for them, or just because the whole story reminded them of an old movie they liked. But I guess if you assume people are monsters you might as well make up the worst about them.



I’ve never seen the movie either.

However, on a motorcycle trip to Spain one time, I boarded a ferry at Plymouth, checked in, found my cabin, dropped of my stuff and headed to the lounge to relax with a beer.

Upon entering the lounge I was surprised to find that there was a musical act in full flight with a rendition of My Heart Will Go On.

I felt this was inappropriate 'cos we’re on a fucking ship afterall, but no-one else seemed to notice.

I don’t think it’s appropriate in this instance either.

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The behavior isn’t quite monstrous, but it is minimizing probable death in a way that is discomforting. I understand where you’re coming from. People process complicated feelings in a myriad of ways, and they’re not always great. This is at least not harmful and benefits a woman who is soon retiring.

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… it’s an okay movie

I mean, it was popular for a reason :thinking:

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