Mystery music, played as Titanic sank, identified




Oh thank God. I was worried it would be “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.


Finally? I called it as soon as I heard it, and somebody else had already given the title. The tune’s well-known enough that Gershwin quoted it in “An American in Paris” and Tootie sang it in MEET ME IN ST LOUIS.


Eerie? Eerie like an ice cream truck. Ugh, I would have let myself sink to the dark, icy, depths if I’d had to listen to that tune more than a couple of times in a row.

There! Curmudgeonly act for the day accomplished.


The sounds of tearing steel, rushing water, not-too-distant gurgling screams, and chattering teeth may have added to the eerie atmosphere.


Sounds like a NIN song.


They show this creepy video of the plush toy (its a pig btw)

Ah here’s the vdi


Remixed it to be a bit more eerie… too soon? As someone whose been very near death from drowning, I guess I can relate to this better…


Oh, there just aren’t enough Likes available on the whole entire web for this!


I have played an arrangement of La Sorella on the piano accordion for years, one of the earliest songs I learned, and I don’t think I would have picked it out.


Context might matter as well. I’m used to hearing music box arrangements. Someone who isn’t might not be used to finding the melody in it.


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