Check out this awesome metal cover of Titanic's theme song

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Once again, I beg to differ. Titanic the film is an abomination, though not quite the tragedy that it was opportunistically named for.

Oh, goody; another YT vid.

That said, the version of the song linked doesn’t strike me as particularly ‘metal’…


Nor particularly “worth a listen.” I got bored and quit about a minute in. :yawning_face:



Agreed, though I watched the whole thing.

I kept waiting for ‘the thunder’ that never came.

Though it’s not my personal genre of choice, I am still somewhat familiar with old school metal, at least.

I expected something more like this:


Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to gather that you don’t like my work.

I can play requests too.

I would never do that, though; it’s against the CoC.

Let’s just say that I am… underwhelmed thus far.

Great to hear… er, read.

First request, and it’s even an easy one:

Please post about something of interest which doesn’t require watching a video from YouTube.


I even asked politely, like I had some sort of home training or something…



Fair enough.

I’ll work it into the setlist.

How very kind of you, young man.


I’m with you on the appraisal of music, but I think Johnathan attempted to be faithful to the original arrangement.

I like my metal to be significantly heavier too, but I think John’s cover of the song is still pretty fun.

Here’s the kind of metal I usually go in for.

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Sounded very similar to the original, except a man was singing it. Maybe it sounds more awesome using different speakers (or ears, or something)… :thinking:


Precisely my point.

That definitely is more along the lines of what comes to mind when I think of “metal.”

Though for my personal tastes, I still tend to gravitate towards the classics, regardless to genre:


Dio slaps WAY harder than Ozzy, but I see your point.

In regards to Johnathan’s video, I guess I enjoyed the guitars and drums in comparison to the goofy flutes and stuff from Celine’s version.

And I dig Celine as an artist. I just really hate “my heart will go on.”


Who doesn’t, though?

Your point about overplayed, sickly-sweet sentimental ballads is 100% legit… totally looking at you End of the Road and I Will Always Love You

Hell, I once worked in a music box shop where we did customer requests; and one of the most requested movements ever was freakin’ My Heart Will Go On, right after Wind Beneath My Wings.


How about Baby Metal covering Breaking the Law with Rob Halford…


I love me some Babymetal.


I was expecting for the cover to be done in a heavier metal kind of style, feeling underwhelmed but its still sung and performed well


What I really love is the fact that the backing band are old metal stalwarts from the Japanese metal scene…

They really kicked off a craze for J-Pop Idol metal, too…

OH! Sam Sutherland did video about it back when he was still doing those awesome This Exists videos…

Anti-idol music!


Oh no, no, no…
Titanic is a steaming turd of a film.

The song is also somewhat… pooey.



This reminds me of the trauma I had about the Dirty Dancing soundtrack in the 80s. It was played every single hour on Z100 in NYC and I hadn’t seen the movie, but worked in an office with people addicted to that radio station. It literally took 20 years before I watched the movie, and then I really liked it (and had mostly gotten past the soundtrack).


It’s a good movie… and all the older songs on the soundtrack are great… the 80s songs, not so much…

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