Century-old commercial cheese slicer restored

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An IBM cheese computer restoration:

(No word if it runs DOOM yet.)


The finished product…

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Well, no, because standards for food handling equipment are a lot stricter now. This could only be allowed to be made in 304, 316, or 430 Stainless to be used today.

It could make a nice display piece in someone’s shop, but it would be illegal to use it (with good reason). All that brass and cast iron looks nice, but it’s E.coli Town and Salmonella Village along Listeria Road in there.


as someone who has occasionally tightened the screw on a loose cabinet handle, i am in awe of people who know how to use so many tools to do a project like this. could watch one of these videos every day.


What impressive dedication! That slice thickness ‘calculator’ is amazing. Perhaps in another century it’ll be full-on ship of Theseus*. (“But will we be still eating cheese in 2122?” yes, but it’ll be entirely virtual cheese, y’know, like velveeta)

(*philosophic fun mind trip, about if every part of a ship is methodically replaced, do you still have that particular ship? like most of my computers)

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Why am I thinking about an old George Carlin “Let’s Make a Deal” routine?

NOTE: My employer is a dick, so I can’t link to the YouTube.
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These are my new fav videos. So calming and satisfying. I especially like the sausage maker. Thanks.

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I love these restoration channels. Hand Tool Rescue is one of my favorites.

The pie shop I worked at had a modern build of that apple peeler and we could bust through 5 cases of apples in under an hour. It was a bit finicky at times but worked really well on a huge range of fruits.


Seeing Arial used for engraving text on a machine from the early 20th century is a bit soul-destroying, but otherwise I enjoy these sorts of “hands only” restoration videos.


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