CEOs are lucky, tall men

The way to get rich is to be able to talk and charm yourself onto the money. It’s not complicated.

(I know that. I was channeling my inner Colbert.)


I’m sure I remember reading something similar about which side a presidential candidate’s hair was parted on. But I’ve not been able to find it since, although I’ve searched occasionally when it has come to mind.

One wonders how corporatocracy would work if people were anonymized with something akin to Philip K. Dick’s “Scramble Suit”

But then, maybe we don’t have to wonder so much, we have a clue already from the hiring practices of orchestras


It’s true that height is historically correlated with electoral victory, but it’s not a strong correlation.

Between 1900 and 2011, 18 winners have been taller, 10 have been shorter or equal. Here we see a scatter plot from 1798-2004, showing a slight bias towards the lower right half. I count 21-19 taller vs. shorter/equal:

So the correlation gets a bit stronger in the photography (and television) era.

I’d expect it to be even stronger in the board room, since the people involved in choosing them have almost all met the CEO candidates in person, unlike the general electorate, the vast majority of whom never see the candidates even from a distance, much less stand next to them and shake their hands.

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I always liked James Madison.

In your, er, chest(?) DeWitt Clinton.

Scott Adams called this years ago:

“…but he’s very tall, so we know he’ll go far.”

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