Cetacean needed: Wikipedia whale diagram needs line-art


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It would be glorious if the whole chart comparing relative whale sizes, shapes, and conservation status was created as a shaggy dog story.

The Pygmy Bryde’s Whale doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia page, let alone a paragraph. It gets one whole whopping sentence. Not sure it deserves to have its own row on this chart.

You’re kidding, I assume. Poor Pygmy Bryde! Just because nobody’s written much about it in Wikipedia doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve even a line. It’s real, it’s alive and I hope it stays that way…


We can task 30 or 40 of the folks who spend all their time drawing increasingly refined line drawings of the human penis, and knock this one out in no time


Yeah, but don’t forget to scale the human silhouette by two, or the size will be way off.

Wow, I thought the map of where Tucuxi live was a glitch, but no–inland dolphins!

couldn’t they just use a picture of wikipedia’s founder?

I sure hope they can find someone to pinnipedia worthy drawing for Jimmy Whales crab-sourced web site soon! I’d sure hate for it to flounder!

Actually, xkcd beat them to it (look at the first ‘citation’).

I’m not the first one to find it, but here’s the edit in question:

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The joke was added on 19 December 2012, by an anonymous user at IP:‎

Whoa, cool! I actually designed a “cetacean needed” t-shirt in 2011! Now available on Zazzle . . .

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