Chair of the House GOP Conference Elise Stefanik endorses Hitler-praising candidate

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This is what happens when you join a cult. When you put the needs of your cult ahead of everything else. I don’t say that glibly either. Since the GOP went all-in on Reagan’s view that you don’t attack each other, it’s been a long race to the bottom for them as they happily propped each other up. From subtle dog whistles to straight up praising Hitler and white supremacists. Oh, they’ve shown cracks recently in their “party uber alles” views, but I’m still waiting for them to crumble into several competing factions as they ride the death of our Republic into their swamp fever dreams.


When your only requisite for governing is that you’re anti-government, only bad things can happen.


They’re not an anti-government group.

If you’re anti-government, why on earth are you running for a government office?
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Similar to the reasons a pyromaniac might seek a job in a fireworks factory. Also for similar reasons, this is why you shouldn’t hire them / vote them into office.


I was referring to the Paladino quote (in the story) where he seems to be complaining that RINO’s aren’t anti-government. Implying that’s a good thing. The GOP wants the power of the government to be used as a weapon against anyone they don’t like, but they want to be able to take from it because they mostly represent poor states that need the government. But they demonize the government and refuse to govern well so they are demolishing it. And one would presume the dollar, because that’s no good without a functioning government behind it.

So they can continue to tear down government by ensuring it does not work for us, but rather for their corporate pay masters. Plus, they want to use state violence to ensure conformity to white Christian nationalist social norms.


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