Stefanik's "hostage" claim baffles Capitol police

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They’ll never love you, Elise. Trumpers only love Trump, Trump only loves himself.


Elise has become a major embarrassment for NNY there are a lot of die hard Republicans that in private say she has gone around the bend but they are afraid of saying it in public because she can be beyond vindictive.


Well, that means so very much… they say shit in private and still back her (and Trump) in public. They are STILL part of the problem then…

Then they don’t give a shit about saving the country, do they?


Stefanik’s support of Trump says as much about Trump as it does her. Up until January 6, Liz Cheney voted in line with Trump’s positions over 90% of the time. She was one of his most reliable supporters in the House, in terms of her actual vote, even though she was often critical of his rhetoric. Stefanik, on the other hand, was somewhere around 70%, I think? But she said the right things in public. In other words, she kissed the ring. And we see who Trump favored between the two. Cheney lost her leadership role to Stefanik, and then lost her seat in the House. Trump doesn’t care about substantive support, because he’s not interested in actually governing.


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The Republican Party is truly engaged in a race to the bottom. Trump does everything he can to appeal the absolute dregs of America. No statement is too racist, no policy too cruel.

The Republican Party, in turn, must necessarily appeal to Trump by pledging complete, unwavering loyalty to him personally, over and above any loyalty to the country, as well as full-throatedly agreeing with everything he says or does. While the party insiders are now wringing their hands (but only in private!), ultimately they’re not sorry they spent 30 years fostering the conditions that allowed a demagogue like Trump to completely take over the party. They’re just upset their monster is now out of their control.


If they have so little courage, they should not be acting as dogcatcher, let alone any office with more responsibility.


Although the reason they’re using the word is to the change the tone of the issue, impugn Biden/Democrats, etc., “hostage” still implies some kind of transaction is afoot-- you trade hostages for money or a political goal.

Except Biden isn’t holding them to get some payout – they were tried and convicted and that’s that. If there’s any transaction coming it’s Trump releasing them as a reward for the violence they committed-- it flips the whole definition of the term around. “You give me the White House and . . . I’ll release the hostages you’re holding.

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