As VP, NY's Elise Stefanik would have betrayed the United States for Trump

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So if the 2020 elections weren’t legal and secure, I assume she’d agree that any bill that she sponsored or any vote that she cast between when she was sworn in at the start of 2021 and when she was sworn in at the start of 2023 are null and void. If President Biden was not legitimately elected (which he was) then neither was she.


Specifically, the voters of NY-21. Unfortunately, it’s an upstate rural district that’s over 90% white that voted 54% for Biff in 2016 and 2020. Don’t hold your breath.


I’m not proud, but I’m a little relieved that the redistricting of NY 21 missed my house by a quarter of a mile so she doesn’t represent me. Sadly the new lines will just entrench her and her ilk. :expressionless:


Card carrying NY-21 Dem here. It ain’t easy.


Howdy (former) neighbor. I left the district a couple decades ago… I was just looking at the redistricting, and if anything, that seems to just make her seat safer, based on the party numbers for the places lost and gained. Keep your head up! Hopefully people wise up about her =/


She’s so full of shit. She’ll also dump Trump in a heartbeat when the time comes, and claim she never supported him. Before Jan 6, her voting record wasn’t 100% in line with Trump. It wasn’t strongly against him, but Liz Cheney was a more reliable supporter of Trump’s policies pre-Jan 6 than Stefanik was. She’s just following the power. And when it becomes obvious that’s no longer Trump, she will claim she was always an anti-Trumper. She has zero integrity and zero commitment to any principles, other than whatever she thinks will benefit her personally.


A question for her is whether she would follow the law of the electoral count reform act passed in 2023 that the certification of the election by the vice president is purely ministerial. That she would have no power to do anything but certify the election.

Or would she break the law.


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