Cult member Elise Stefanik defends Trump's Haley/Pelosi confusion — claims he said in on purpose (video)

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I wonder what percentage of his quislings have been promised the VP post. Or if she’s mortgaged her soul for Chief of Staff or other lesser position.


Stefanik: That isn’t a mixup. The reality is Nikky Haley is relying on Democrats just like Nancy Pelosi to try have a desperate showing in New Yor—- in New Hampshire

Another non-mixup


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everybody needs something. for some, it’s the need to springboard to a higher-profile gig. worry about the cost later.


He is stronger than he is today. It’s an infinite progression of stongerness and non-mixupitude. Everything is exactly as it should be and even better than it is now.


I was waiting for this “he meant to do that” explanation and… I’m disappointed. It’s extremely weak, even if you completely ignore the context. (Although you also have to ignore the context for many of the statements Trump made where me mixed up Obama with Biden and Hillary).


Agreed, although I can’t imagine a way to “he meant to do that” which would be coherent in any sense. Even Trump, on Truth Social, just basically told the lie he meant to tell using Pelosi’s name, prefacing it with “Report” and talking about himself in the third person to make it…sound official I guess? None of it makes any sense, but I guess the marks eat it up.


Yeah, I really expected that everyone would do their best to just ignore it, as a result.


That picture of Stefanik ought to be the only one that is used from now on.

I, for one, have no pity in my heart for either one of those assholes.

Stefanik is angling to be Veep; nothing more.
She will have to be careful about attracting too much attention away from her god & saviour, Lord Dampnut, since he is a jealous god.

Got news for you, Sparky.
He’s not the president!

Many people are saying he is getting stronger every day he neglects to change his Depends. He should soon have a new titile: Lord of the Flies.



Well why not promise it to more than one person? You may as well give it to more than one, right? After all, that’s the way businesses are run – VP being a fairly meaningless title handed out to appease underlings. It’s not like a VP under him would ever actually become President anyway.



I still find this whole “trump cognitive decline” talking point laughable. Maybe it’s getting worse, but even at his best, he was nearly incoherent and has been for decades. He stitches together 3-5 thoughts in one sentence, none of which resolve to the point they are attempting to make. And half the time he doesn’t even bother competing any of the random thoughts, just lets them blend from one into the next. I don’t even think it’s disease or age; he’s just an idiot who has been insanely rewarded for nothing his entire life and is used to be told he’s a genius at the end of any screed.


Of course he meant it. Just like he means it when his depends leak.


A similar total percentage to that Max Bialystok promised to the little old ladies for a share in Springtime for Hitler. Except von Clownstick believes this fiasco of fascism will be a hit instead of a flop.


does she have Shifflelus too

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