Challenge yourself by building this DIY wooden combination lock

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Challenge yourself Magneto by building this DIY wooden combination lock

FTFY (I know there’s a couple screws & wires, but c’mon, let me have this joke)


Mr. Wooden Combination Lock… meet Mr. Lit Match.

Mr. Lit Match… meet Mr. Wooden Combination Lock.


Looks kind’a stressful.

Yeah ,this is crap, BB keeps pushing it every few months. The plans can’t be adapted to a CNC, and the guy was a dick about it when I asked about a more raw format I could convert. Who the hell wants to cut parts out with a bandsaw in 2018? Either sell the kit ready to assemble, or open the plans so someone can make a cnc-cuttable set. But these plans are useless.

What is your problem with laser?

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I was thinking I’d like to use a nail file and hard cheese.

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Woodworkers. The word you’re looking for is “woodworkers.”


If you really want a challenge, attach it to a safe and then hide it in Beschizza’s wall.


I love Matthias Wandel’s stuff on you tube. He also build a bunch of his own power tools out of wood.

He’s a fun, idiosyncratic woodworker, and I learn a lot from him, even if I’m never going to build a wooden bandsaw myself… :grinning:

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looks like a wooden emeter reader from the waldorf scientology school.

People who enjoy doing woodworking on a bandsaw, maybe?

@timstellmach beat me to it!

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