How a safe lock works


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What do they call that technology he uses to build the safe lock? It’s like manual 3D printing.


Too little too late for @beschizza .


Be very very careful if you buy these plans. They are a band saw project. You cannot use his files with a CNC router. And he’s kind of an asshole if you ask for any kind of help.


I wonder how much more complicated the mechanism would be if the combination was changeable.


Screw it, I’ll buy a mechanical combination safe lock and be done with it (have a vintage one in my office right now). You can get new and used safe locks online for $50-$100.





Getting past that- easy:




I was actually envisioning designing a safe unlocking mini-game similar to the lock picking mini-games you see in many video games these days. So seeing how this type of lock is put together is really helpful.


This laser cut kit looks like fun as well.


If you have a 3D printer, here is a printable model on Thingiverse based on the wood model.


Matthias Wandel is the perfect woodworking engineering nerd. His channel is chock full of charming ingenuity and low-flash production with a Canadian patina. Good stuff.


I suppose that could be implemented with the “controller shake” function…


Related stories don’t include @beschizza’s safe? SAD!


Of course, the modern safe lock involves a microcontroller with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an internet connection, and a hard-coded login/password combo of “admin” and “admin”.


He literally says that at the end of the video.

Very cool nonetheless. I always love seeing what talented woodworkers can create.


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