Chamomile is inescapably fashionable now

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What fresh hell is this…


Headline spelled “inexplicably” wrong.


I guess I’ll have to drink some sleepytime today.

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It’s not quite as horrible as coriander (cilantro), but chamomile has one of the worst smells and flavours I’ve ever experienced - and that includes durian and hákarl [1]

And then there are those weird Edwardian chamomile lawns that were planted in my part of the world. Ugh!

[1] Separately I should add, although the two of them together offer the prospect of some hellish fusion cuisine.

people say that twitter is bad, but tiktok and instagram are surely the worst things the internet has ever unleashed on the world.

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But have you ever seen wild chamomile or pineapple weed growing in a sidewalk and picked the flowers and crushed it with your fingers, though? Cause it smells amazing!


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