Chanel Miller interviewed on The Daily Show

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Not meant as my usual flippant type of response but for some reason I have a problem having the connection between Chanel Miller and the event in her life staying connected in my brain.

I see her name and I think “She is important “ and I cannot remember why until I click through or read more.


The Force is strong in this one. I deplore what happened to this lady, but dam, she is awesome & taking the World by storm!


The title of Miller’s book reminded me instantly of this track, one of the greatest defiant protest records ever laid down:


I hope there’s no problem remembering that

Brock Turner is a convicted rapist

on three felony counts.

This needs to follow him like a string of dirty toilet paper.


Yeah no problem remembering that.

It is just an oddity of my brain. There is a family I know with 3 daughters. It took me a year or two to get my brain to output that. All possible pairs of the three my brain dealt with. However I would always be convinced they had two children. The set of three made me stop and think - wait I thought they only had two kids.


These gray things we dwell in or have our thoughts in anyway have funny quirks at times.

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Sure, but she is way more important than somebody that the Textbook Definition of Rape raped behind a dumpster. She is someone who really took control of this whole situation. I am beyond impressed with her.


Not detracting from Chanel at all. Let’s be clear on that.

However, if #metoo is going to have sustainability, we need to keep both victims and perpetratrors in our collective consciousness, right?

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