Brock Turner's sexual assault survivor reads her victim impact statement

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Good for her. It can’t be easy doing that, but if she inspires more women it will have been worth it.

[By the way, the official stylebook rule is that he should always be called “Convicted Rapist Brock Turner” in headlines and initial mentions]


Roger That!


Goddamn, what a shitty situation. First and foremost, incredibly terrible for the survivor who had insult heaped upon injury by Turner’s sentence. And shitty for the justice system as a whole, because it scares judges who want to use the power of their position wisely and mercifully instead of always opting for the maximum sentence available that they’ll be lumped in with this idiot judge.

Judges are keenly aware, unfortunately, that they take political risk by giving lenient sentences, and almost no risk whatsoever by giving heavy-handed sentences across the board.

I always prefer the Brock “The Rapist” Turner style. I want “The Rapist” to become part of his name from now on…


I prefer the video title or first line of this post to the headline. Agreed he should be called convicted rapist, or rapist. Why should his name appear before hers in an article about what she’s doing?


The man is now literally the textbook example of a rapist, complete with photo.




Because until several days ago, we didn’t know her name (with good reason; shielding her from infamy may have helped her move on with her life past this horrible thing; stepping forward into the public eye should be her choice) but everyone should know Brock “The Rapist” Turner’s name, and that he is a rapist.

I do rather wish that her name was in the title, though… and a title like “Chanel Miller, who Brock “The Rapist” Turner raped, reads her victim impact statement” or “Chanel Miller reads her Victim Impact Statement regarding Brock “The Rapist” Turner’s raping her” would both put her name first and provide the link to Brock “The Rapist” Turner that allows people to understand what the story is about.

I’m sure he was rewarded handsomely.

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