Change the tracking level "default"?

I tried searching and poked around my profile settings, but I can’t figure out a way to change the “default” tracking I get on a topic.

Seems like, by default, if I start reading a topic, I’m automatically “Tracking” it so that when I come back to BBS and hit “new”, I’m seeing all of the new posts in a topic that I’ve read most of the comments on.

I find myself very often going and changing the level from “Tracking” to “Regular”, as I really only want topics to show up in “New” if I’ve been actively involved in the topic and someone’s replied to a comment I’ve made.

It seems there’s no way to set my default to “Regular”… is there?

Speaking of defaults:

  • “regular” is the default
  • to change a topic from “regular” to “tracking”, one of the following must be true:
    1. manually switch it via the control at the bottom of the topic
    2. read the topic for more than four minutes
    3. reply to the topic

So unless you are replying, or reading the topic for quite a while (you can adjust the time interval for this in your user profiles), topics should not show as tracking.

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