Feature request for "Suggested Topics" box

I find the Suggested Topics box at the bottom of posts simultaneously very helpful and annoying.

It is helpful in the sense that some of the topics it suggests are topics that I have read and am interested in reading new replies.

But annoying in the sense that often they are topics that I looked at once and do not wish to read more replies from. In fact it seems to fill up with just these sorts of looked-at-once threads since I am not going back to read the additional comments because I am not interested in the thread anymore. Yet the suggestion box continues to only show me those topics that I have shown no interest in as indicated by my never returning to read the new comments!

I would like a small X to the left of the thread title so I can just click that X and then Suggested Topics will stop showing me that thread forever and start showing me topics that I return to often to read the follow ups.

I have taken to just clicking the unread posts indicator, then clicking the last post arrow on the thread just to get the Suggested Topics box cleared out but that is really ineffective as the box just fills up again with threads I made the mistake of looking at once.


EDIT: “Body too similar to what I already posted” ? I fixed a one character typo, what the heck is the edit button for if not fixing typos?

that would be cool, but you should be able to do this with features already in place.

  • go to a topic
  • "oh, turns out I don’t care about this topic. I don’t want it to show up in my suggested topic box (or any other lists, either, for that matter)’’
  1. scroll down to this menu, which will say “tracking” by default. click on it and select “mute”

  2. as of today, you should be able to use a key command: m then m again.
    (type ? for full list of key commands)

EDIT: oh yeah, I think you can change your default tracking preference from within your profile, too.

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I appreciate the feedback and I actually did know that I could select that menu item, but I just think a simple X to click is a lot more convenient. The point is I don’t want to have to visit dozens, literally, of page and select a menu item to say stop notifying me in the Suggested Topics box.

I’ll look into the tracking preference, that might help a lot, tyvm.

But as it stands now, it is distracting and makes that box wasted or mildly annoying space, except for the once in a great while it happens to have a topic that I have visited multiple times to keep up on.

It would be very convenient if it mostly had topics that I was actually interested in.

Oh, I totally agree, just pointing out those options. it is much more user-unfriendly to have to remember to switch off a topic on your way out rather than switching it off when you see it presented to you, this is true. getting Jeff to green-light your feature is a whole 'nother…

I found the preference you mentioned in my settings, maybe that will improve things, and hopefully I’ll remember to mark the topics I would like to track. Thank you again.

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Yeah, you may want to tweak this user preference:

Automatically track topics I enter …

  • never
  • always
  • after 1 minutes
  • after 2 minutes
  • after 3 minutes
  • after 4 minutes
  • after 5 minutes
  • after 10 minutes

That is what I recommend first. We are adding a way to set topics to “regular” from the topic list soon as well, so you would no longer have to enter the topic to set that state.

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