Change this train's direction with your mind


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That’s one helluva long train!


you can also change the direction based on where you look and not imagine it going one way or the other.


I got it to jump the tracks sideways!



Ooh, also this:


Bistable motion illusion is best motion illusion.


Parallel to this concept :

So, I’m at a train crossing, waiting for a long freight train to pass, and I’m first at the crossbars. So I’m watching the train, and decide to play some tricks on myself. “Let’s imagine,” I said, “that the train is motionless and that the ground (and everything else, including us) is rushing past it. Now let’s actually perceive that as such.”

And then I cut that shit right out as I quickly got worse motion sickness than I ever did from any prolonged VR demo.


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