Mindbending optical illusion: Which of these buses is going faster?

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Oof - they appear to be inch worming at the same speed, but alternating. Until I put a piece of paper right in front of them, and then they moved together.


That reminds me of the little game I used to play when I was very young: Which foot moves faster when I walk?


Obviously it’s the one that just blew past my stop.


If the stripes and the rectangles were exactly the same color you wouldn’t call this an illusion – it’s just that you physically can’t see the front end of one rectangle.


This is what I came here to say. I’m not sure I’d even call this an illusion. I guess it does tell us something fundamental about contrast and perception, though.

Exactly. The premise of the question is ambiguous. Over the width of the diagram neither is moving faster.
Over one stripe at time? It alternates.

Wrong/badly phrased question.

Plus: without the stripes the animation is still far from smooth - too much jerkiness there enhances the ‘jerky over stripes’ effect.

Except it doesn’t, actually, that’s an illusion. So I’m not sure why you’re saying it’s a badly-phrased question.

because obviously neither is moving ‘faster’ if they both start and end their crossing of the whole space at the same time - which they do.

What I should have said was

Gotta look out for the dungeon full of ANSI blue monsters under an ANSI yellow sky.
That there’s a trail behind the buses of stripes makes one trust the image as a sensory tell less!
Better that it were a proper HD/4.2.2 video of busses in fog with like lighting. Running over policies of intolerance.

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