Changes to mod policy re: Ignore feature


With Discourse’s Ignore feature now being complete*, there will be some small changes to how our moderation policy will be enforced.

  • The BBS is a public forum. Users who follow our moderation policy are permitted to post in any topic or reply to anyone.
  • Should you not wish to see a specific users posts, replies, or notifications, the new ignore feature will allow you to ignore a user for a period of up to four months at a time.
  • Do not ask users to “not respond” to you. If you do not wish to read replies, the ignore feature will hide them for you. Such posts will be eaten.
  • Additionally, with this feature now live, any prior “Do not engage” agreements are null and void from a moderation perspective.
  • In most cases, discussing placing users on ignore would be offtopic for a post and will be treated as such. It is also likely to lead to derailing replies. as a result, we recommend keeping who you have on ignore a personal, private choice.

Nothing else changes with regard to policy. The rude will continue to be eaten first. Don’t be a dick.


(*Hiding of ignored posts quoted in others responses is coming as part of v2 of this feature)


I’ll summarize some FAQs from the other topic so we have all the info in one place.

Enable this either from your user preferences, or by visiting the users profile page and clicking the button under Message:

  • You must achieve trust level 2 to gain the ignore ability, and trust level 1 to mute.

  • An ignore (don’t ever show me this person’s posts) is also an implied mute (don’t ever notify me about anything related to this person).

  • It is not possible to mute or ignore staff, sorry.

  • Staff is automatically notified via PM if any user exceeds 5 simultaneous ignores, and can also run a report to see top ignore and mute counts across all users.

  • :new: Ignore now properly handles quotes inside posts as well as in-reply-to expansions and real time reply arrivals.

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