Channukah/Thanksgiving dessert: pumpkin pie filled sufganiot


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American Thanksgiving, our blandest and most flavorless celebration

You are doing it way the fuck wrong.

These things look tasty, though.


this is exactly what i was going to say, minus the expletive :wink:


In my book, pretty much anything fried in oil represents a great miracle.


Improving a pumpkin pie is gilding the lily. Leave it alone. Or at least my pie (from scratch) is spicy and flavorful, thank you. Clearly the conjunction of holidays is a sign that the 614th mitzvah is to deep fry the turkey on this very special day.


Thanksgiving, our blandest and most flavorless celebration of an imaginary past

Oh, for Pete’s sake. It is not necessary to ridicule something in order to praise something else. This reminds me of the “If it ain’t country, it ain’t music” bumper stickers. As others have pointed out, you’re doing it wrong. Thanksgiving around here is an epic feast.

You are also simply incorrect historically. Thanksgiving is not “an imaginary past”. It happened over 3 days in 1621. Two very different peoples, one barely surviving in a foreign land, shared food together. It is well worth celebrating. It was in sharp contrast to the tragedy that was both inadvertently & deliberately inflicted on the Native Americans by the Europeans.

Thanksgiving is an echo of what could have been, & what we can strive for. I plan to stuff myself with delicious food & be thankful for the happy days in a long & troubled history.


Thanksgiving at your house must suck big time.

sufganiot? I call them Berliner Ballen!

In Israel, a version of the pastry called sufganiyah is traditionally consumed during the holiday of Hanukkah. While sufganiyot are usually filled with jam, many modern variants exist.

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They are an analog to the latke here in America

Not an analog. All Jewish locations have both latkes and jelly donuts to celebrate the holiday.

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Meh. I hate turkey too. I will be forced to eat it this Christmas, as the offer of purchasing a delicious, home-reared goose of my choosing was met with a mixture ofblank stares, outright refusal and howls of derisive hatred. Bah and humbug.

These look tasty. I have been making lots of arancini recently, as they are my new favourite food (yours too. Make some. seriously), so I’m into deep-fried spherical foodstuffs.

I’m sorry that turkey at your house is less than tasty. I certainly would be happy to try goose. But there are so many other components to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I’m looking forward to stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, homemade rosemary-onion bread (oh, God, so delicious)… You could skip the meat entirely and still have a fine meal. If there’s not something delicious on the table for Thanksgiving then, again, you are doing it horribly horribly wrong.

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For real. The only way thanksgiving is bland is if you don’t know how to cook.


Never eaten thanksgiving dinner, wrong side of the pond. I should eat gruel, as an act of national contrition for not furnishing the Puritans with leakier boats. We’re sorry about that…
Goose is delicious BTW.


Agreed. This is my first Thanksgiving away from my own extended family (my dad, uncle, and grandfather sell wholesale Italian food - extrapolate our holidays from that) but if it isn’t epic, or even if you think removing the turkey would make it non-epic, then you’re doing it wrong. The key is to have enough good cooks in the family that preparing it all isn’t overwhelming for any one person.

That appeals to me more than the pumpkin variety, but it would be nice if the filling wasn’t all to one side.

…Okay. I’m not sure what you’re snarking about, if you’re not American and don’t do American holidays. I, uh, apologize for being descended from assholes? I’ll try to pick my ancestors more carefully next time.

The same principle applies, though. If you’re making a huge holiday dinner and there’s nothing even potentially tasty apart from the main meat, someone is Doing It Wrong, whether it’s American Thanksgiving, British Christmas, or anything else.

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This is another good point. My mother has a rosemary-onion bread recipe that I absolutely adore, but it takes a few hours to prepare and she doesn’t usually feel up to it between the turkey and various side dishes. So, I got the recipe from her, and take it upon myself to make two or three loaves for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Oh, totally. I’m absolutely in agreement. That was a joke that clearly fell flat, is all.


Cool, sorry.