Charity sends Amazon a cake celebrating 3d anniversary of unpaid invoice


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A large part of my job is paying invoices. I pride myself on getting them into the system so payment can be sent out as quickly as possible. Maybe I should slow down. Then somebody might send me a cake.


What’s the history here? I know Amazon initially bought MusicBrainz database when Amazon created, which was Amazon’s own music wiki, which also was used by Amazon as a source for artist info on itself. Amazon users then expanded the database (adding artist bios, publicity photos, album covers - all the important visuals that wikipedia is too scared to use) so it was better than MusicBrainz. And then… Amazon shuttered (though most of the content still exists inside

Ain’t capitalism great.

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Amazon: “Check’s in the UPS SurePost”
Charity: “Well that explains it”


A large part of my job for the past six years has been collecting on unpaid, overdue invoices …and a large part of my job now (last six months) is rolling out software to facilitate collecting on unpaid, overdue invoices.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but you won’t be receiving any cakes. Rebate credits and renegotiation leverage are a distinct possibility. Possibly a blackberry pie, but that’s a long shot.

The best ending to this story would be their check getting delivered by drone inside of a thank you card for the cake.


I wouldn’t be too quick to eat a cake from somebody I owe money to.


USD20,000 owed.

I read on to see what a 3D anniversary is…
Oh it’s the 3rd anniversary of a regular 2D invoice.
Nice story regardless…
However, where would we be if someone doesn’t point out typos in titles? “3rd” please.

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Both contractions are correct, IIRC.

Sometimes, genius is a bitch.

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