Charlie Brown, 1958 misogynist


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Yeah, but his son is Charlie Brown, so…


He’s such a blockhead…


Naw, that’s not Lucy, but Violet.


That’s Violet, not Lucy






Damn it… still out of likes!!!


To be fair, she started it.


It is interesting to look at the strip at Right now, the regular Peanuts entry shows strips from cirka 1970. At the same time, there is the “Peanuts Begins” entry which shows strips from the first years, 1951-1952.I don’t think it’s fair to say that it went all downhill, but it sure is an entirely different strip.


That’s what I get for commenting on something I know almost nothing about.

Hell, growing up I called Woodstock Woodstopper (still do, to be honest)


Yeah. While it’s not consistent with how I would like Charlie Brown to be, she was being really mean in a classist sort of way, and he knew the card he could play to cut deep.


Charlie Brown also has a history of using violent threats to coerce women:


I laughed.


Charlie Brownshirt


Hes rge original prozac kid.


Early Charlie Brown is wonderful and sometimes quite dark and definitely not what it was later on. I actually fell in love with the strip again when I finally got to read the early ones.


On the other hand, the strip for May 2nd, 1958, is a bit too accurate for comfort…


Early Charlie Brown was kinda dark.