Charming birdhouses that look like retro camping trailers


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Sold out. :frowning:


Available now. My guess is that the artist set a quantity on Etsy that got quickly swamped thanks to the traffic from here and they had to reset it.


They’ll look even better covered in poop.


I once made the mistake of driving a date up to this dirt track on a holiday weekend. Colorado National Speedway There was non-stop whining and moaning. As the sun cooked us, Grackles continuously fed bugs to their babies in the nests behind the spotlights. I realized the grackles were probably picking the grasshoppers out of the grills of the cars in the parking lot. My date stopped complaining just long enough to blurt out: “Even the BIRDS are rednecks here!”


Good info on birdhouses (including specs and a slideshow on adding a camera to spy on your avian theropod neighbors):


Birds love vintage campers


TRIPLE THANKS! There were three bird ‘Species in Decline!’ for my region*, and I see all three in my neighborhood each summer. Now, they can have custom houses courtesy of the cedar fence company’s dumpster.

Well…the whole neighborhood is full of Section 8 families, why should the birds get left out.

*American Kestrel, Northern Flicker, and Mourning Dove


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