Charter, ordered out of New York State, begs for its life


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Please let us know if they fail. I’ll be sitting here, not holding my breath while I wait for the news.


Okay, so who should stakeholders (NY voters, that is) be calling about this?




You forgot the ludicrous levels of cocaine; otherwise, the fancy foods and hookers are spot on.


My guess would be that your best bet will be to petition Gov. Cynthia Nixon in January…


LOL. My first search was for a decent SFW “hookers and blow” gif.


Just keep watch. Any “discussions” that take place now are simply delay tactics until the CEO of Charter asks the orange Trumpanzee to tell Ajit Pai to nullify any state-level decisions.

It’s the first (and only) unwritten rule of Scorched-Earth Billionaires’ Club: have each others’ backs.


But but … States rights!


Billions for infrastructure


Millions for campaign contributions


… I seem to recall a war being fought over that.

wanders off to the bunker


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