Snubbed by an airport: Chris Christie denied VIP entrance at Newark


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Unpopular ex-governor Chris Christie no longer warrants VIP treatment by TSA




I’ll be damned! The door hit him in the ass on his way out!


Awwww; that’s so sad!

And funny; the other dog really does look pleased as punch.


Doggo on the left definitely expresses my feelings about this story though.


I gotta say I read that doggo’s face the same way as @GulliverFoyle


Word; I wonder if any people in line cheered as Christie was escorted back to the entrance for regular folks?

I know I would have…


Where’s a silver trumpet when you really need one?

Artistic representation of me in that crowd…



Christie have opted to exercise that option.

It’s nice to know he’s exercising something.


Wasn’t he carrying his beach chair?


Now that he’s spent 2 terms using his state police bully squad to intimidate (threaten) any detractors it’s likely Christie gets his clock cleaned the second he looses his official jackboot brigade


too bad he wasn’t denied entrance to the debates


This is especially satisfying given his use of a NJ public beach that was closed to the public because of, what, a government shutdown last year (as @TomPoston alluded to above).


“Snubbed by an airport” reminds me of my all time favorite band name: Touched By A Janitor


Maybe he should have taken the bridge instead.


Cheer up buddy, you can always buy a CLEAR membership.


Oh sweet Karma I thank thee.




Why do they even have a VIP line in a publicly funded institution?